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Having just one light source in the kitchen makes it dark and gloomy. Our experts can design a new lighting plan for you.

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Kitchen Lighting Miami, FL | Reasons to Avoid Poor Lighting in The Kitchen

A dark kitchen is an uncomfortable, unsafe, and gloomy space. And such an ambiance affects our mood and energy level. Let our experts help you change the way you see your kitchen literally and figuratively! Inquire about Kitchen Lighting Miami.

Poor Lighting: The Most Common Design Mistake

Many homeowners put most of their attention on the kitchen work triangle and adequate storage when designing a kitchen. To be fair, they should. Both layout and storage space matter a lot. However, no matter how carefully planned these elements are, they may not truly serve their function when the lighting is poor.

Too many kitchens rely on only one source of illumination – their overhead lighting. And according to our design professionals, this is one of the most common design mistakes many homeowners and their kitchens are guilty of.

Adding More Lighting Fixtures

An adequately illuminated kitchen is a chic and practical area. If better aesthetics is not convincing enough to add more lighting fixtures, consider these three reasons:

A well-lit area improves your efficiency. This is a pretty straightforward reason. The better you see, the better and faster you work. Adding more lights makes it easier to navigate your kitchen. From reading labels or recipes to making your stovetop spotless, working in the kitchen is less challenging.

The kitchen becomes a safer family area. It can be hard to tell if your food is thoroughly cooked in a dark kitchen. Plus, this room is filled with sharp and fragile items. Sometimes, the kitchen is also where we keep cleaning detergents. Grabbing or handling any of these by accident can cause accidents.

A brighter kitchen can lift everyone’s spirit. Sometimes, even a good meal or your favorite drink cannot stimulate your appetite and energize you. This happens when you have to prepare or consume it in a dark and depressing kitchen. According to research, light affects your hormone levels. So if you are feeling drained while in the kitchen, the lighting may be to blame.

Light Sources Every Kitchen Needs

There are three lighting types: Ambient, Task, and Accent Lighting. To have a well-illuminated space, our Kitchen Lighting Miami experts recommend having at least two types strategically placed in various areas of the room.

Ambient lighting is your primary light source. The overhead lighting mentioned earlier is an example.

Task lighting sources are placed near areas where work is usually done. Examples are the countertops, sink, and kitchen island. Having lights inside cabinets is also highly advisable.

Accent lighting is more for aesthetics than function. Popular lighting fixtures used as accent lighting are strip lighting and spotlights.

How We Can Help

Our kitchen lighting experts consist of designers and licensed electricians. To help you improve your kitchen’s lighting, we assist with:

  • Creating a lighting layout plan
  • Selecting and ordering lighting fixtures
  • Installing new lighting fixtures
  • Repairing or replacing old lighting fixtures
  • Rewiring

Connect with us to get more details about our kitchen lighting-related services. Ask for our Kitchen Lighting Miami experts when you call (786)-244-3113.

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