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Installing your new kitchen would prove to be challenging and time consuming. After all the envisioning, planning, mapping out, consultations, designing, purchasing, construction and deconstruction; we are almost at the finish line of your kitchen remodeling.This is where we can all test out whether the plans and construction we did are correct and if the kitchen equipment fits right and well on the actual kitchen. Homeowners tend to get stressed out since most of the time, installing the new kitchen is not as simple as how it is expected by many. Kitchen Install Miami defines the industry’s standards of kitchen installation and would absolutely make sure that all plans done would be rendered as per the homeowner’s wishes.


  • It is perfectly normal to deconstruct.
    Renovation is not only about changing a few things here and there. Sometimes, to create something new, we need to destroy the old. Deconstruction is an essential step to be able to install the new kitchen that you envision for your home. Our team makes sure that the old kitchen will be carefully deconstructed to pave way for new spaces and areas. Once it is done, the first installations would be the floors and the walls and sometimes even the ceiling. Renovations are indeed a process and this is just the first step to take; one that is painful to watch but satisfying to see right after. Most of the time, it is better to do this than using old things that have the tendency to break over time. Having deconstructed the place and replacing it with something new or rebuilding it would be a good and long-term investment for the homeowner which is a very wise move.
  • Installing cabinets and equipment.
    Once everything has been settled, the next things to be installed would be the cabinets you chose to purchase and the essential equipment you need in your new kitchen. It would not hurt to double check with the contractors about the utilities that were changed or upgraded for your equipment. This is to ensure that the new equipment installed would work well and are not a safety hazard to the residents of the home. It would also help a lot to check whether the cabinets are installed in place and if it is better to have one or two detached cabinets. These preferences can be easily dealt with by Kitchen Install Miami. Our team will make sure that your preferences are our priority.
  • Let go of unnecessary things.
    A common problem among homeowners who go through a renovation is letting go of the old. While it is true that the old kitchen keeps a lot of memories or may have played a significant part for the homeowner, renovation takes a lot of time to accept. This is precisely why consultations happen at the beginning of the remodeling process. Although some people have successfully gone through the consultation and were convinced that they would still push through with their renovations, some people still find it hard to accept. As a homeowner, you must do your best to embrace the new kitchen that you have envisioned for your home. Our team always makes sure to do their best to make the end product still feel like home and not a foreign place. Through client participation and a whole lot of repeated consultation, problems like this are averted.


Kitchen Install Miami will help you with your journey from the consultation to the rendering process. Take small steps for a huge change in your own home. Our team of professionals are more than willing to be your partner; always ready for the adventure that is your kitchen renovation. Contact us to know more details about the services we offer and for a free price quote.

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